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The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

A rule that went into effect in 2018, stating that newly tenanted buildings must have a minimum energy rating of ‘E’ or above, now applies to all types of tenancy agreements.

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards changed in 2021, and it will affect any landlords renting out their properties from 2025 on.

In this post, we’ll cover the alterations that took place in 2020. We will also provide you with extensive EPCs latest upgrades knowledge, your legal duties, and what occurs if your building doesn’t have an EPC.

What are the electric power generating company requirements?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) has been required for rental properties in England and Wales since October 2008.

MEES had their official start on April 1st, 2018., making it mandatory for all buildings in England and Wales being put up for rent or sale to have an EPC rating of at least ‘E’.

How have EPC requirements changed?

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards will apply to all existing tenancies as of April 1, 2020 – not just new ones or renewals. If your property doesn’t have a valid EPC rating of ‘E’ or above by this date, you cannot legally let it out.

As of 2022, what are the new EPC regulations for landlords?

In December 2020, the government held a consultation to gather opinions on changing the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards for England and Wales.

By 2025, all rental properties will be required to have an EPC rating of “C” or higher. The new rules will apply to only new contracts starting from now, but all leases by 2028.

The federal government’s energy and climate change policy, known as Net Zero by 2050, aims to improve housing energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions in order to meet the objective of being net-zero by that date.

If you do not have a valid EPC by 2025, the fine will be raised from £5,000 to £30,000.

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